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    FDA to Emphasize Food Safety Culture

    The FDA’s operational strategy for implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act was a key topic at the annual meeting of the Association of Food and Drug Officials in Denver last month.


NWFPA Committees


NWFPA currently has more than 20 volunteer-run Committees and Task Forces. Committees are established by the Board of Directors and have the distinction of being permanent or "standing." Task Forces can be established by the Board of Directors or a Committee Chair, and are usually created with a specific task in mind.

Get Involved

Becoming a member of an NWFPA committee is easy. Under each committee is a description of membership requirements and the committee’s focus. If you are employed by an NWFPA food processor member company, live in the Northwest (Idaho, Oregon, or Washington) and meet the individual requirements of the committee you would like to participate in, just contact the Staff Coordinator and they will let you know how to get started or you can contact NWFPA directly at 503.327.2200 to find out more about a specific committee or task force.

Board of Directors
Chair: Kurt McKnight, Ever Fresh Fruit Co.

Endowment Task Force
Chair: Sue Meier, Truitt Bros., Inc.
Staff Coordinator: Rosi Marshall

Energy Committee
Chair: Mike Henderson, ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston
Staff Coordinator: Pam Barrow

Event Committee
Staff Coordinator: Karen Waggoner
Executive Committee
Chair: Kurt McKnight, Ever Fresh Fruit Co.
Chair Elect - Mark Dunn, J.R. Simplot Co.
Vice Chair -Dean Stearman, DePaul Industries

Environmental Affairs Committee
Chair: Chris Cary, Tree Top Inc.
Staff Coordinator: David McGiverin
Finance Committee
Chair: Clark Nelson, Mondelez International
Staff Coordinator: Patty Pepin

Government Affairs Committee
Chair: Mark Dunn, J.R. Simplot Co.
Staff Coordinator: James Curry
Northwest Poultry Committee
Chair: Greg Satrum, Willamette Egg Farms
Staff Coordinator: James Curry

Operations and Technical Affairs Committee
Chair: Jim Robbins, Wm. Bolthouse Farms, Inc.
Staff Coordinator: Connie Kirby

Sample Display Subcommittee
Chair: Tracy Jensen, Smith Frozen Foods, Inc.
Staff Coordinator: Tawnia  Linde
Sustainability Committee
Chair: Paul Halberstadt, ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston
Staff Coordinator: David McGiverin

Oregon FOODPAC Board Members
Staff Coordinator: James Curry

Washington FOODPAC
Chair: Jeff Leichleiter, Tim's Cascade Snacks
Staff Coordinator: James Curry
Workforce Development For Productivity Committee
Chair: Debbie Radie, Boardman Foods, Inc.
Staff Coordinator: David McGiverin